Monday, November 8, 2010


What is data logger? Data logger is an electronic instrument that records the measurements over time. Then the readings are transferred to the computer. There are many advantages using this tool, can create a new innovative experiments. It also can give greater interest in practical work, at the same time will enhanced computer literacy. The data logger activity is one of the alternative way to make students better understanding of science concepts. Although, there are many advantages but the disadvantages also occur in this data logger activity. The most is, some people may not like working on computer system because they may think it is not easy to handle. Other than that, it will increased the teachers work and take many time to set up the projects.

The contents involve in data logger are engage, empower and enhance which all are the important thing to make the projects successful. Engage, and enhance need the deep thinking and must relevan with empower. The easy way to create the project is find the life style activity, so this is more intresting.

From my eyes as a student who learned and use the data logger activity, there are some difficulties to handle the experiments because at the first time I can’t set up the data logger and confuse with the button. Then, the monitor make trouble because it hang and become slow. After that, I tried many time and the result is successful. The experiments that I conducted very smoothly after I redo the engage, empower and enhance. Actually, using data logger we can make something very easy, such as when we want to record the data activity like pH value at short time we can get the data very fast. Hence, I can conclude that my experiment is successful. I use anaerobic respiration as my data logger activity, and easy to set up the apparatus. I can relate the experiments with enhance, engage and empower. So the advantages that I get from this activity is the deep understanding and can think logically. The disadvantages when handle this activity is, the percentage to loss all the data is high. So to overcome this problem, I quickly transfer all the data and save it at CD-ROM.

What is simulation? Simulation is the imitation of some real thing, state of affairs, or process. The act of simulating something generally entails representing certain key characteristics or behaviours of a selected physical or abstract system or in the simple word, simulation like an animation that able to explain clearly about the topics content. While modelling is the Models that are created from a mass of data, equations and computations that mimic the actions of things represented. Models usually include a graphical display that translates all this number crunching into an animation that you can see on a computer screen or by means of some other visual device. In other word, modelling is an animation that we can change the variables and we can know the effects.

By using this three applications, data logging, simulation and modelling we able to addressing student’s problems in learning. Other than that, student will quick to remember all the facts and example because science we can’t look only outer but also the inside so that students can see overall. This applications suitable for all level of age although the teachers too because the teachers can save time and this is one way to settle problem of sleeping students. Hence, the classroom become more cheerful and two way interactions happen.

After I used all three applications, there are also problems happen in the classroom. Firstly, the teachers failed to use the application or not expert in this ICT. Example, suddenly the projector failed to operate and lack of technician so waste the time again. Next, students will misconcept about the topic if the teachers not explain it clearly because when use simulation or modelling students enjoy the learning because it is interactive but when examination time some of students will face confuse. Other than that, the problem usually occur when handle the data logger which sometime an error occur.

There are many ways to solve the problems, firstly organized the learning ICT for senior teacher and apply some activity to them so the teachers will feel easy to use ICT when teaching. Furthermore, the teachers must give brief explanation about these application to students to give more understanding to them. Besides that, the sensor of data logger must be in good condition so that no mistaken occur during experiments.


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