Sunday, August 15, 2010

::..::My Teaching Philosopy::..::

Determined to be an educator to create unique children who will be the favorite of the future. Preparing a visionary and knowledgeable people and balanced in terms of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual knowledge that savvy generation will become the cornerstone of the integrity of race, religion and country. Teachers will lead to a unique first-class minds thinking his students and thus improve the education of a more superior to the equivalent of a fully developed nation.

Strive to establish a process of effective teaching and learning in the classroom to motivate students to learn, understand and practice the knowledge. As a teacher, should be wise in order to control the classroom environment can be created. Any experience in the university should apply when a teacher at the school in order to appear confident in front of the full range of students. Useful experience should be used by students so that each space of time with teachers during the P & P is able to realize successfully. Stability depends on the performance of teachers to students to receive and adapt existing learning mengaharungi life as 'a student'.


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